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Hey LinkedIn, fix your Endorsements Already!

Especially among WordPress and JavaScript developers, we’re all rather sick and tired of this bug with LinkedIn endorsements. Ever since they launched a year and a half ago in September 2012, this has been a problem. How long does it take to fix this?

What am I talking about? Take a look at my endorsements:


See that? Not only is the WordPress community so anal about the capitalization of “WordPress” that they’ve built a destructive rewrite into the software itself, but when you browse my skills, you probably think I’m alright with WordPress, but it’s not one of my primary skills. In fact, it’s actually my 3rd most endorsed skill if you count them correctly as combined. It’s just ridiculous that these are counted as separate skills.

That’s bad enough on it’s own, but that’s not the only problem. For the entire year and half that endorsements have been a part of LinkedIn, I haven’t been able to edit them at all. The skills editor actually does think these are duplicate skills. If you have any duplicate skills added in the editor, it won’t allow you to add or save any of your changes unless you delete one of them:



So I have a choice now. If I want to ever finally delete some of these pointless and maybe even incorrect endorsements (LinkedIn pushes your network to endorse you for related skills even when you didn’t list them), I will absolutely have to delete my legitimate endorsements for one of the lesser endorsed spelling variations of “JavaScript” and “WordPress”.

I’ve held off on this for two reasons. First, I figured LinkedIn would eventually fix this, and combine them like they should be, and let you decide the correct capitalization while they’re at it. I even submitted a formal bug report over six months ago. Second, even if I remove one of each of them now, LinkedIn will still push my network to re-endorse the incorrectly spelled variations all over again, and put it into a broken state yet again just as soon as I’ve deleted them. So I haven’t ever edited my endorsements since they launched back in 2012.

Seriously, fix it already!